Clean Cities Web-Based Tools

The U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities Program offers a large collection of helpful Web-based tools to help you save money, use less petroleum, and reduce emissions. These calculators, interactive maps, and data searches can assist fleets, fuel providers, and other transportation decision makers in their efforts to reduce petroleum use.

Vehicle and Emissions Tools
Vehicle Cost Calculator:

Enter information about your driving habits to compare total cost of ownership and emissions for most vehicle models.

Petroleum Reduction Planning Tool:

Evaluate options and develop a strategy to reduce conventional fuel use and emissions in fleet and personal vehicles.

Vehicle Search:

Find and compare light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty alternative fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, hybrids, engines, and hybrid propulsion systems.

GREET Fleet Footprint Calculator:

Calculate your fleet’s petroleum use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions footprint, and estimate the impacts of future vehicle purchases.


Alternative Fuel Life-Cycle Calculator: Calculate your fleet’s petroleum use, cost of ownership, and air pollutant and GHG emissions.

Find a Car:

Find a vehicle by comparing fuel efficiency, annual fuel costs, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Used Car Fuel Economy Label Tool:

Create a fuel economy graphic and paper label to use when selling your car.

Fuel and Station Tools
Alternative Fueling Station Locator:

Find addresses, maps, and driving directions for charging stations and alternative fueling stations.

Fuel Properties Search:

Create custom charts comparing fuel properties and characteristics for multiple alternative fuels.

VICE Model 2.0:

Evaluate return on investment (ROI) and payback period for natural gas vehicles and infrastructure.

Informational Tools
Incentives and Laws Search:

Search state and federal laws and incentives related to alternative fuels and vehicles, air quality, fuel efficiency, and other topics.

Publications Search:

Find publications about alternative fuels and advanced vehicles in this extensive document database.

Case Studies Search:

Find videos and Web stories that document how businesses, fleets, government agencies, and others have successfully deployed alternative fuels and advanced vehicles.

State Information Search:

Obtain a state-specific snapshot on alternative fuels and advanced vehicles, including laws, incentives, fueling station locations, and Clean Cities coalitions.

Clean Cities TV YouTube Channel:

Watch Clean Cities coalitions in action and learn how they work to reduce petroleum use in communities across the country.

Apps and Mobile Tools
Alternative Fueling Station Locator iPhone App:

Download the station locator app, and use your iPhone to find fueling stations near you.

Mobile Alternative Fueling Station Locator:

Obtain addresses, maps, and driving directions for alternative fueling stations.

Mobile Vehicle Cost Calculator:

Compare annual fuel costs and emissions of alternative fuel vehicles with those of conventional gasoline or diesel vehicles.

Mobile Find a Car:

Find a vehicle by comparing fuel efficiency, fuel costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and more.


Use your mobile device to find and compare cars, calculate your miles per gallon (mpg), and find tips to save fuel and money.